Monday, March 14, 2011

NCAA Tournament Part 2

So I may have had a few drinks during the previous post, but my bracket predictions were pretty close. UNC did get a two seed, and a less than stellar Big Ten tournament performance dropped Purdue to a three seed. The way the brackets were drawn up though, does allow for a UNC vs Purdue championship game. Ohio State and UNC actually ended up in the same bracket, so that makes my scenario even slightly more plausible. In my opinion Purdue got the easiest of the four corners of the bracket as well. With a number one seed Kansas and a number two seed Notre Dame, Purdue has chance to win southwestern bracket.

Friday, March 11, 2011

NCAA Tourament Time

Well it is finally time for March Madness to begin, and I know that what I think will definitely affect your brackets so here you go. This might be the boldest pre-selection date blog you ever read, but my final prediction is UNC vs Purdue in the championship game. Now this may prove to bite me in the ass, since I don't know how the brackets will shake out, but I am picturing both UNC and Purdue to be 2 seeds in different brackets, so there is a fifty percent chance it could happen. UNC has boned me in the past so I don't expect a lot from them, but they had a great end to their season, and despite my Big Ten loyalties, I am hoping to watch them defeat Ohio State. Let me give you the main and only reason I hate Ohio State: the moron alumni that refer to themselves as having played at "The Ohio State." Now it strikes me that that statement needs some clarification. Anyone asinine to make that comment left the university early to become a professional athlete, and while in attendance mainly spent their time drinking and banging gullible women, so that is why I hate them. If any other Big Ten team can make the Final Four besides/including Purdue I will be happy. I wouldn't mind seeing a Purdue vs. Wisconsin rematch in the championship game to be honest. Everyone is all over the ACC and Big East nuts, so this would be a good way to ball gag them in my opinion. Oh well, we'll see how it plays out, in typical Chicago Bears fan fashion I will predict Purdue 84 and UNC 2.