Tuesday, February 22, 2011

UPDATE: Brewing Experiment

The first batch of beer has been completed. Turned out okay, but not what it was supposed to be. I may have added a bit too much sugar during the bottling process. What is supposed to take like an American lager, turned out more like a hard cider. Still tastes pretty good though, definitely drinkable. It also turned out very carbonated, it's hard to pour a glass of it without at least a 2-3 inch head at the top. I am taking this as evidence that there was too much sugar added during the bottling process as well, since that whole purpose of the sugar at that stage is to carbonate the beer. The next brew I try will be something a little bit darker, more updates to follow. On a non-related note, work still sucks.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Don't Want to Be Your Pharmacist

I don't care anymore. If you are a dick to me, I am going to be a dick to you. I yelled at a deaf old man tonight. Why? Well one because he couldn't hear to well, but mainly two, because he was a huge dick. Did I also exploit his deafness to make some snide remarks to his face that he couldn't hear? You bet your ass I did. Right to his fucking face. It made me feel better, my techs thought it was hilarious, as did the people in the waiting area. When he threatened to never come back again, I told him that sounded like a great idea. I then wrote my name down for him so he can add his name to the laundry list of complainers against me today. Am I worried? Fuck no. These people are the scum of the Earth. I told some jackass yesterday I would not fill his promethazine with codeine prescription unless he came in with his doctor, the doctor brought his license in with him, and then I physically watched him write the prescription, and this guy's response was "Oh okay, I guess I'll go to another pharmacy." Lucky for him I called all the stores in the area I could think off to tell this guy to take a hike. Three days back from vacation and this is the mental state I am all ready in, not good. Only 30 more years to go.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Was There A Blizzard or Something?

Well now that everyone is finished digging out and back to work, I thought I'd give you something to help pass the time. I for one missed the blizzard. I was out of town in the upper peninsula of Michigan, and the whole thing went south of where I was. I did enjoy all the news coverage and Facebook updates from everyone freaking out. Upon returning home, I have to say I was very disappointed driving around Chicago, it did not look too bad. Upon getting back to Indiana though, there was definitely some rough conditions here. I evidence this by the fact that my 300 pound grill was blown away and then buried in snow. Note to self: light grill using a long pole in the spring. I also have six foot snow drifts in my front yard. Glad I missed out on all the chaos that ensued, especially at work. I am sure the Vicodin frenzy on Tuesday was outrageous. Plenty of "I need it before the storm" bullshit. They are lucky I was not there. I would have had one word for them, "ration it bitches." Actually I guess that's more like three words, but I am still glad I missed all the whining. Anywho, hope everyone survived the near apocalypse.