Friday, September 23, 2011

And.....I'm Back (Kind Of)

So I have not written anything in the last few months. I would like to blame the mental strains of getting married, but that was three months ago, and here we are, no blogs since. Not a whole lot new to report, I am no longer a single man, yet there are still no people attached to me, still figuring that one out. I have moved from the slums of Hammond, IN to the luxurious life of Munster, IN as far as work goes. It's amazing how I was so used to getting yelled at for things that were not by fault by a bunch of Medicaid whores, that when normal working people don't bitch at me about their $150 copay, I am always prematurely braced for a verbal ass ripping. The new store is also about a mile from my house so that is a huge plus as well. There is no overlap, which I am still getting used to, so I work 14 hour days every other day, but I'll get used to it. Well, just when i was starting to get the hang of this again, I am going to be leaving town tomorrow for San Diego for a week for a friend's wedding. Hopefully there will not be a 6 month gap between now and the next update on my exciting life. Actually so little happens that it might take that long to get enough material for a 2 minute read through post. Hopefully not.