Friday, February 26, 2010

One Minute Rule

Today at work some lady asked me to switch her lid to a non-safety cap whilst I was in the middle of doing 3 other things. I smiled and took her bottles and started to do it. I knocked one of her bottles of pills on the ground and picked them up, stuck them back in the bottle and popped a lid on. When I went to had her back the bottle, she demanded new pills and was insulted that I would give them back to her. What I wanted to tell her was I drop pills on the ground all the time, usually into the garbage can too, but I sucked it up and got her some new ones instead. Next time you will get no favors from me, bitch.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Winter Olympic Update

Is everyone as pumped about the Winter Olympics as I am? If you just nodded your head, than you are more excited than I am. Not to take anything from the games or the athletes, I really do like when countries come together to compete. I like a lot of the new sports that have been added to spice things up such as snowboarding and pretty much anything where people are flying haphazardly through the air. I did have a moment last night when I was watching speed skating where I found myself hoping to see someone's limb get cut off though, and needless to say when it did not happen, I found my interest level drop considerably. I honestly don't want to see anyone get hurt, but when you think it is going to happen, and it does not, it is a huge let down. I also realized that one person has all ready died this Olympics, so I tip the hat covering my bald head to all the Olympic athletes competing, just don't tease me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The New Love of My LIfe

After months of yearning and burning, long sleepless nights and secret internet research, I have finally made a decision that will alter my life for years to come, I bought a new vacuum cleaner. Not just any vacuum cleaner, a Dyson ball vacuum cleaner. It is everything I have ever dreamed of. I remember being a little kid, and sitting there wondering why vacuuming had to be such a chore, thinking there had to be a better way to clean, and now those dreams have finally come true. Seriously, this vacuum is amazing. I sucked up about 4 tanks full of crap out of my carpet, which I previously thought was relatively clean. The ball really does let you just turn corners with a flick of the wrist too, it is really easy to maneuver around. The only mental challenge I had with the purchase was spending an outrageous amount of money for a vacuum cleaner. Given the recent tragedy in Haiti, I found it hard to justify such an extravagant item, but then the answer hit me like a ton of bricks. What better way to help clean up Haiti, than with a super awesome vacuum cleaner. Moral conundrum solved, I can now sleep at night.