Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taco Bread

It was a typical night at work.  Just kicking ass and filling scripts, when an interesting question came up to the consultation window, "Yo, do you you guys have any taco bread?"  I assume I misheard the question for two reasons.  Number one, what is taco bread?  Number two, it surely is not a medical question worthy of coming to the pharmacy area.  I ask the gentleman to repeat the question and his response is, "Taco bread, where is it?  I found the taco seasoning, but where be the taco bread?"  He responds while holding up a pack of taco seasoning.  Obviously I was hearing the taco part right.  My first thought is possibly taco flavored Doritos, since those are delicious, so I ask him if that's what he means.  "No!!  You know, taco bread! To put the tacos on!"  I at this point have figured out what he wants, but my brain is unwilling to accept that he is referring to tortillas shells as taco bread.  I say, "do you mean tortilla shells?"  And of course is response is, "yeah,  taco bread!"  I point him up to the grocery isle and that is the end of the interaction.  Not sure if we sell tortilla shells or not.  I then brought the encounter up with my techs the next night to get their take on it.  One tech thought it was hilarious.  The other tech did not see why it was funny, she also refers to tortilla shells as taco bread.  After a quick survey of my techs, it has been determined that roughly 50% of the African-american community refers to tortilla shells as taco bread.  I still cannot wrap my head around this one.