Friday, February 24, 2012

Holiday Detox Week Seven/Eight

I have started a new work schedule where I work seven days in a row and then have seven days off, which has changed by drinking habits.  I am working midnights, so on my work week, I cannot drink unless I want to do it at 8 in the morning.  This more or less results in one guaranteed week of sobriety and one week in a drunken stupor.  Which is much better than two consecutive weeks of being in a drunken haze.  So, all and all, this is a good thing.  The only bad part is, it is hard to work out during my on week.  Working 80 hours in seven days does not leave a lot of energy or desire to head to the gym.  Hopefully it will get easier as I get more used to the schedule.  If anyone tries to call me on a Wednesday night, you will get no response for two possible reasons.  Number one, I just started by first night and will be MIA for the next seven nights.  Number two, I got drunk immediately after getting of work at 8am Wednesday morning and will be passed out for the the next twenty hours trying to get back on a normal sleep schedule.  So far, I would rate the detox a success overall, I have exercised more often and confined my drinking to an average of one huge binge a week.  I don't know at what point the detox stops being a holiday detox and just recovery of a crazy person though.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Holiday Detox Week Six

So far, so good.  I am going on a brewery tour throughout Chicago today though, so my good streak will come to a screeching halt.  I am starting to work midnights this coming week, which entails a seven day on seven day off work routine.  I get the feeling that every other week will be detox and the other a drunken stupor.  I am going to be working nights in Merrillville/Gary.  Should be an interesting overnight crowd.  I am currently looking into having a Kevlar white pharmacist coat made to protect me.  More to follow on the new gig.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Holiday Detox Week Five

Currently on my fifth beer, so you can take from that what you will.  I did work out everyday this week, so that's a plus.  I also ran 8 miles this morning, and have only drank 1 vitamin water accompanied by 5 beers all day, so you can take from that what you will.  On an unrelated note, I just watched the movie Real Steal.  It was actually pretty good.  I think I will have a permanent man crush on Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, I will just have amnesia to the last 2 X-Men movies.  I consider working out six days a week, getting mildly buzzed 4 days a week, and getting shit faced 1 day a week as totally normal.  That leaves 2 days of detox, what more can one ask for.  Back to the movie though, pretty inspiring stuff.  Makes me want to start making robots to kick the shit out of my pharmacy customers.  I can't wait for the future.