Saturday, October 29, 2011

I Finally Finished 'The Dark Tower' Series

Almost a year to the day after I started 'The Gunslinger' by Stephen King, I just finished the 7th and final book of the Dark Tower series. The series as a whole was great, but was kind of disappointed with the ending. It is hard to say if I was not thrilled because I was finally finished, or if it was just a let down. I had a similar feeling as I finished the Harry Potter books, but was more satisfied with the ending provided in that series. I do tip my hat to Stephen King for writing at least 3 books in this s series that I would consider to be great books, hard to do on a consistent basis using the same characters. The whole series itself took over 20 years for him to write, so I am glad I started it after the whole series was already completed, or I probably never would have continued after the first book. On that note, to any of the few people that read my rambling, if you do decided that you are looking for something new to read and decided to read this series, the first book is by far the worst. It is tough to get through, and you will not like the main character. There a lot of references to characters whom you don't meet until later books. The main character, Roland, is not really very likable. The hardest part for me going in to it was that I thought it was going to be more like a western movie. It is called 'The Gunslinger', the main character sounds much like an old Clint Eastwood character, and it starts off in a town that seems like the old wild west. The stories are more like reading a science ficton/'Lord of the Rings' book. This is exactly what Stephen King tells you he is going for if you read the author's introduction, but still hard to wrap your head around until about the third book. Overall I highly recommend these books, just be prepared to question whether you want to keep going after the first book, it is worth it.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Super Cool Things I love....for two weeks

I remember when getting a Wii was my main mission in life. I would stand outside Best Buy every Sunday morning, and hope they got a shipment in for the week. Many weeks i was disappointed, but then finally it happened. I was the proud owner of a Wii and life was good. I played a lot of bowling, golf, and guitar hero for about two weeks, then the thrill wore off. I would play periodically once a week of so, then once a month, then every few months. Just when I was ready to give it all up a miracle happened. Something new and exciting came into creation that I just had to have, the Wii fit. How could I get tired of this? Exercise and a video game, what a great concept. I could never get tired for pretending to hula hoop or ski jump, or could I? I don't even think the novelty of the Wii fit lasted more than a week. Luckily the Wii fit has a talking character on it that reminds you how lazy your are and how much weight you have put on. On a whim today I turned the sucker on, and that little bitch said, "I haven't seen you in a while. It has been 285 days since your last workout." Now how does this little bastard know what I have been doing outside of Wii world? Eff him. I think I am going to go buy the new motion active sensor for Playstation 3 just to spite that little jerk. I am sure the improved graphics are what have been holding me back on Wii.