Friday, July 20, 2012

Tasty Names

I've had some interesting names the last few nights.  I work near Gary, IN, so needless to say the nearby population has a long history of making up bizarre names.  When random foods start becoming commonplace names, that's when I start to get excited.  I'll save my favorite for last.  The first name I came across was Vanilla.  Kind of a boring first a name.  (Get it!! I am making fun of it because vanilla is synonymous with boring.)  It gives me pause to think that a black person would be named Vanilla.  On one hand, vanilla ice cream is white, but on the other, the vanilla you bake with is a brown color.  I think Vanilla Ice really sealed the deal by making me think white, though.  Okay, here is my favorite one of the last few nights....Lasagna.  Even if you were a Jersey Shore Italian Guido, I think you would be the black sheep of the group being named Lasagna, and I am pretty sure this individual was not Italian.  What really kills me is I have no doubt that it is probably pronounced nothing like the delicious pasta dish.  If I had to guess I would say it is pronounced laz-ag-na.  I almost question whether or not the parents knew they were naming the kid an Italian dish at the time.  What I see most of the time just seems to be a bunch of random syllables crammed together to form some type of word, and BOOM, that's the name.  I really love it when to spice it up, they start throwing punctuation into the mix as well.  Lots of unnecessary hyphens and apostrophes have become the style as of late.  I'll keep my eyes pealed for more delicious names and keep everyone apprised.

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  1. Will your kid be named Fettuccine?...then again I used to work with an Alfredo.