Sunday, October 14, 2012

Nail Hygiene

I don't want to stereotype people, but I'm going to.  Black people have crazy-ass fingernails.  I have seen women with 4-inch finger nails all bedazzled up and I have seen them yellow and cracking.  Either way I don't want to touch them as you hand me your money.  They look like they are going to snap off at anytime, and are probably festering with rabies or some zombie creating virus.  The only thing more disgusting than some of the nails I encounter on the women, are the ones on the men.  I am pretty sure clippers have not made their way into African-American culture yet.  Men just let their nails grow out until they look like Lo-Pan from Big Trouble in Little China.  In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy, "If your fingernails are 3 inches long and covered in grime, then you might be a black man."

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